Chad Atkins

Chad Atkins, CFP®, CRPC

Chief Business Acquisitions

Chad didn’t waste any time kickstarting his career in financial services. During his final year at the University of North Texas, while his peers were starting Milli Vanilli cover bands, Chad went to work at the internship that would springboard his professional career. After graduating in 1990, Chad joined HD Vest where he trained tax professionals, teaching them the processes of financial planning.

There was a lot of joy in training and educating other people, so he was glad to spend the next several years as a wholesaler for several large firms. Still, in 2009 after the wear and tear from years of constant travel, Chad knew it was time for a change. That’s when he purchased a book to start his own practice. Since 2009, he’s expanded that to five different books of business.

In 2010, Chad was introduced to Brandon Day, and within the next year they’d meet Sean Kernan. Together, they created the Registered Investment Advisor 360 Wealth Management (360WM). Their vision was simple: They were going to help independent advisors share resources and compliance support. Chad’s philosophy is simple, and it’s rooted in his faith: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

When he’s not hard at work upholding the company’s vision, Chad is a devoted family man. He and his wife Angie are Plano residents who’ve lived in the DFW area since childhood. They, and their three adult children, enjoy an active church life—and the kids keep them busy rooting for whichever sport is in season. If the family isn’t in DFW, there’s a solid chance they’re hanging out at their favorite vacation spot in Seaside, FL. The travel is a lot easier when you do it for fun and you do it with family.