Brandon Day

Brandon Day, CFP®

Chief Market Strategist

Brandon earned his degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas before starting his career in corporate finance in 2000. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he wanted to make deeper and more meaningful impacts in people’s lives. So, in 2003, he made the shift to personal finance to help families and business owners reach their financial goals.

Because Brandon started his career building a deep knowledge of insurance products, and later shifted to investment management, he’s now equipped with a broad range of subject matter experience. He uses that experience in his role as chief market strategist and as overseer of the Smart360 strategy at ARC, which is built around “Fact Based Investing,” which focuses not on what should, or ought to be—but on what “is.” This means that he makes sure to follow three core tenants: 1. Make no market predictions. 2. Do not require that markets or investors be rational or efficient. 3. Do not remain fully invested, regardless of market circumstances.

All of this expounds on his general view that his job, and the job of the company, is to advocate for his clients, and to treat them the way he’d treat a family member, if they came to him for advice. That trust is of immeasurable value, and he believes his job is to continue to earn that trust every day.

Brandon lives with his wife Linda and their three kids in Farmer’s Branch, Texas. After their third child, Linda finally convinced him to give up his hobby of running around the pool with scissors, but he still loves to fish, scuba dive, grill with the family, and golf. You can spot him on the golf course courtesy of his company branded golf cart. Be sure to say hi—just not during his backswing.